Saturday Shopping With SB

This post begins with an appeal. If you ever see me contemplating taking SB shopping on a Saturday afternoon again, please slap me. I don’t care whether you do it virtually or physically, just slap me, and point me in the direction of this blog post. Daf goes to a tabletop gaming […]

Forever a statistic… (this is what dissertation research does to me!)

I got involved in a debate tonight.  I know, I know, stupid of me. But SB was sleeping, and D was out at work, and it actually started out as a debate about breastfeeding in public – I was speaking out in defence of it, because I don’t think there’s […]

10 Things People WILL Say When You Have A Newborn

Some are fine, others… not so much.  1. The introductory ’20 Questions’. When was she born? What time? How much did she weigh? Bottle or breastfeeding? How long is she? How was the birth? Did you have an epidural? The list goes on. These are perfectly normal and you’ll probably find […]