Favourite Instagram Picture: #Blogtober16

I love Instagram! I really didn’t get it for a long time, and all I’d see was a stream of selfies captioned with endless hashtags (#girl #eyes #blueeyes #me #instame #instagirl anyone?), so I wasn’t too bothered. I started using Instagram properly about a year ago, and now it’s one of my […]

Everything Changes

Today, I’ve been thinking about how life has changed. Ooh, that all sounds a bit ominous. It’s not as philosophical and weird as it sounds. It’s just that I’ve been blogging now for three years, and I re-read my first ever post today, which got me thinking to how pregnancy […]

Sundays With SB: An Autumn Walk

Sunday was a nice day – if a little misty – so here are some pictures from our lovely autumn walk in the park! I think these pictures sum up SB’s personality pretty well…

Officially A Graduate!

Well, here we are then. The dust has settled, the caps have been thrown and I am a graduate! Graduation on Friday was amazing; the loveliest and proudest day since SB was born. She was a little star throughout – she and Daf sat and watched the graduation being live-streamed, […]

Today Is The Day 16 Comments

Two years ago, I told my parents that this pregnancy wasn’t a stop sign, it was a speed bump in the road.