Star Name Registry (REVIEW & GIVEAWAY) 33 Comments

One of the first birthday presents I ever bought Daf after we started going out was a star. That makes me sound way more awesome than I actually am. Although the present won major Girlfriend Points for me, by “I bought a star” I mean I named a star after him. Since […]

[REVIEW] BABY born® “Happy Birthday” Doll

Remember when I was pregnant, and I vowed that our child wouldn’t play with gender-specific toys?  Yeah. About that. At first I resisted the doll craze, but I had to face facts. We have a child who is obsessed with babies. She loves seeing them in the supermarket. She loves […]

REVIEW: Spineless Classics

I love literature; I have done since I was a little girl. When other people were discussing what was on TV last night, I had my head buried in a book. Other people had music quotes on their MSN (showing my noughties girl colours here), I had quotes from literature. […]

GIVEAWAY: Gel-A-Peel Deluxe Kit 10 Comments

When I was little, if we were making arts and crafts jewellery, it consisted of thin elastic – probably kept from a candy bracelet you’d nibbled all the little “beads” off -, and some plastic beads that your mum threatened to hoover up when she found them all over the […]

Right now, we’re loving..

Decided to try something new on the blog – a round-up of the products, places and people we’re loving at the moment! Mummy is loving… Simple Micellar Cleansing Water. Stress, lack of sleep and the make-up I use to cover up that lack of sleep can only mean one thing – […]