We Are Enough

I have been a mother for almost three years now. Aside from being an utterly terrifying thought, as I don’t feel old enough to be a mum, let alone mum to a three-year-old, it’s made me think about parenting so far. I hate using the term “journey” to describe anything […]

Moments that melt my heart…

hese aren’t the moments you’d often document through pictures or video; or the moments that you have big celebrations for. They’re the little things; the everyday moments where you pause and realise just how amazing your life is.

‘Squeeze My Head’, and other gems you hear on the maternity ward…

So I ended up on the maternity ward today with swollen feet and headaches – thankfully not pre-eclampsia, just back to the headaches from before with the addition of lovely swollen feet and hands now too! – where I was treated to some corkers from the only other occupants of […]

When Am I ACTUALLY Going To Become A Mom?

“A woman becomes a mother when she gets pregnant, but a man becomes a dad when he sees his baby.” What’s the rule for when someone who doesn’t feel old enough to be a woman or ready to be a mother gets pregnant. When does she become a mother? I’m […]