Potty Training: It Begins

This series of posts is in collaboration with Potty Training Academy.  I nearly called this post “Potty Training The Untrainable Toddler”. I was starting to think that was the case with SB. I’ve read a lot about the importance of waiting until your child shows all the signs of being […]

What Do Young Parents Need? 9 Comments

Contrary to what you might read in the comments of a Daily Mail article, the answer to that question is not “a job”, “a kick up the arse” or “forcible sterilization”, charming as those suggestions may be. Attitudes are slowly changing, but society still has a major attitude problem towards […]

18 Weeks – Emma’s Diary can do one…

WEEK 18 ACCORDING TO EMMA’S DIARY Enjoy a lovely relaxing bubble bath. Feel baby moving. Get shouted at by husband’s mum because you haven’t written a comprehensive colour-coded birth plan yet.   WEEK 18 ACCORDING TO ME Don’t have a bath. Might be getting one in new house, but not […]