Being Proven Right

I’ve written a piece for the Young Parents Associates blog called ‘The Exception To The Rule’. It’s about being told that no matter what we achieve as young parents, we will always be ‘the exception to the rule’, and society’s determination to paint young parents as no-hopers and layabouts when […]

10 things that being a young parent has taught me…

People will judge. People won’t be afraid to voice their opinions. All you can do is grit your teeth and remember that those who shout the loudest, know the least. Or, if their opinions are really offensive/it’s really getting you down/you’re feeling up to fighting injustice, take them down! Call […]

Forever a statistic… (this is what dissertation research does to me!)

I got involved in a debate tonight.  I know, I know, stupid of me. But SB was sleeping, and D was out at work, and it actually started out as a debate about breastfeeding in public – I was speaking out in defence of it, because I don’t think there’s […]