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Student Finance Wales: A Student Parent’s Guide

Student finance is a minefield at the best of times. As a student parent, it’s more like an underwater minefield infested with sharks and piranhas, and the tiniest mistake will land you in a whole heap of stress – trust me, we’ve been there. Most stressful of all is navigating […]

The Daddy Diaries #4: Studying With SB

This week, Daf talks about the trials and tribulations of studying with a young baby, and has some advice for anyone who thinks they can’t go to university because of their parenting commitments.

The most short-lived stay-at-home-motherhood ever?

So just as I was settling into my new lifestyle of endless Disney marathons and constant cups of pretend tea, life has been turned upside down once more. I toyed with whether to post this or not. I don’t usually shy away from posting anything, but this related to our […]

Top 10 Pieces of Advice For Student Parents

Tell your lecturers early. Obviously this only really applies if you get pregnant while you’re a student, but I’ve proved that it happens, so this advice still stands. It can be terrifying, having to tell your lecturers that you’re pregnant – I remember sitting in the office, having asked all three […]