A Degree Is No Guarantee…

… that I will be anything even remotely resembling a good example for my daughter. It’s not much use looking at Daf either. He’s just as bad as me… possibly worse. 1. We very rarely watch Cbeebies, or any other kids’ programme. With the exception of In The Night Garden, […]

The Daddy Diaries #4: Studying With SB

This week, Daf talks about the trials and tribulations of studying with a young baby, and has some advice for anyone who thinks they can’t go to university because of their parenting commitments.

Moments that melt my heart…

hese aren’t the moments you’d often document through pictures or video; or the moments that you have big celebrations for. They’re the little things; the everyday moments where you pause and realise just how amazing your life is.

The pros & cons of being the first of your friends to procreate…

CONS The loneliness. Being a young parent is lonely enough, when you feel like you don’t quite belong with the NCT groups or the ladies who take their Boden-clad toddlers out for Babyccinos at Starbucks. When you’re the first of your friendship group to have a child, that loneliness is […]

13 Month Update!

This is something of a belated update, as work is taking most of my time and all of my focus at the moment, but here we are, at thirteen months! I know I say this every month, but I still can’t believe how big she’s getting. Every day she’s more […]