Officially A Graduate!

Well, here we are then. The dust has settled, the caps have been thrown and I am a graduate! Graduation on Friday was amazing; the loveliest and proudest day since SB was born. She was a little star throughout – she and Daf sat and watched the graduation being live-streamed, […]

A Proud Moment

A baby and a First. Not bad for a statistic, eh?

Why I love the ‘Mommy Wars’ video… and why it’s totally okay if you don’t…

I used to take offence when people said “Breastfeeding is my proudest parenting achievement”, and “I’m giving my baby the best start”. In my head, it equated to “You are a failure for not breastfeeding”, “you are not giving your baby the best start”. It felt like a personal dig – but now I realise, it really isn’t.

The Speed Bump cruises into 2015…

One thing I vowed when I started this blog was to be totally honest. That meant talking about the tough times, no holds barred – but it also means proving that being a young parent doesn’t have to “ruin your life”.

Pregnant By Accident, Having a Baby By Choice

Today, courtesy of my amazing mom, I read an article by an American woman called Bee Lavender – you can read it here, at the Guardian website – Young, Gifted and Pregnant. The article resonates with me in many ways. Like Bee, I was the typical “not supposed to get […]