I’m Not A Naughty Boy

I don’t usually write a post and then agonise over whether to publish it or not. Normally I write, hit “Publish” or “Schedule” and don’t really think about it again. The only exception has been the post I wrote about miscarriage for the Huffington Post, which sat in my Drafts […]

The Daddy Diaries – Part One: The Pregnancy

Every Tuesday for the next few weeks, my partner Daf will be sharing his side of the journey we’ve been on for the last two years. You’ve read my ramblings, from morning sickness and cravings all the way through to tantrums and teething – now it’s time to see it from a different perspective.

Things they don’t warn you about motherhood.. 2 Comments

So this can link to the ‘things they don’t tell you about pregnancy’ series that I did throughout my pregnancy on here, but it contains a mixture of facts – things they don’t tell you about parenthood, things they don’t tell you about babies and things they don’t tell you […]

The next 9 weeks….

…. can’t go fast enough. Everyone warned me it’d happen, and at the time, 30 weeks seemed like so far away, I didn’t really pay much attention. But I am nearly 31 weeks, and I am fed up of being pregnant. Sat on the maternity ward the other day, in […]

Wanted: Some spare time, some dignity, and maybe some clean underwear…

I know, I know. It’s practice for when the baby’s here and we don’t have any spare time at all. But I’m trying to stock up while I can on things that I’d actually like to do, like video games and knitting (it’s an odd combination, I know. Oh yeah, […]