teen mom

Happy to be proven wrong…

Remember everything I said in my last post, yesterday? I’m going to have to go ahead and take it all back. This is beyond anything I could have dreamed. I have shed countless tears over this course, poured my heart and all my effort into the work. The course is […]

To My Daughter

To my daughter, as the last day of your first year rolls into the first day of your second. The moment you entered the world, you changed it beyond belief. Never, in my wildest of dreams, could I have predicted, as they placed you on my chest – a brand […]

Making It Look Easy

A comment I get quite a lot from people is that we’re making parenthood look easy. From a quick glance at my social media feeds, it’s not difficult to see why. My Twitter and Instagram are full of blissful, beaming baby selfies, adorable moments I’ve managed to capture, and ‘baby […]

10 things that being a young parent has taught me…

People will judge. People won’t be afraid to voice their opinions. All you can do is grit your teeth and remember that those who shout the loudest, know the least. Or, if their opinions are really offensive/it’s really getting you down/you’re feeling up to fighting injustice, take them down! Call […]

Letter To My Lodger, Part II

Dear Pickle (well if you aren’t going to show us if you’re male or female, I’m not going to give you a sensible name) It’s a little bit concerning that I still know so little about you. If you were a lodger in my house, I’d definitely know a few […]