The Obsession With Travelling

After all, nothing quite says “I have discovered the meaning of life” like riding a jeep through a field full of wild animals (West Midlands Safari Park, anyone?)

Reflections On Two Years of Blogging

I never could have imagined, when I sat down to write that first post, just desperate to get the words out of my head, with an itsy bitsy teeny weeny SB growing in my belly, that the blog would lead me to as many opportunities as it has done.

The Daddy Diaries – Part One: The Pregnancy

Every Tuesday for the next few weeks, my partner Daf will be sharing his side of the journey we’ve been on for the last two years. You’ve read my ramblings, from morning sickness and cravings all the way through to tantrums and teething – now it’s time to see it from a different perspective.

Just when IS the best time to have a baby?

This topic has been in the news recently, after the Office for National Statistics revealed that there are more mums over 35 than there are under 25 in the UK for the first time. The average age we become first-time mothers is rising – it is now thirty years old. […]

Ten things young parents are SO sick of hearing…

Yeah, that witty thought that’s popped into your head? Just… just don’t….  Was it planned? Seriously, this is the most common question we’ve had since we announced the pregnancy – and we still get it to this day, now SB is almost eighteen months old. I don’t think people realise how rude this […]