Good lord. How are we at eighteen months? SB is a year and a half old. It certainly doesn’t feel like a year and a half since we held that tiny little screaming pink thing in our arms for the first time, marvelling at her tiny fingers and toes and […]

Drowning In Drool

There’s no two ways about it. SB is officially drowning in drool. Not only is the poor thing teething like mad, she’s also got some kind of toddler version of freshers’ flu, making her feel really under the weather. She spent most of last night alternating between being totally crashed […]

Sundays with SB #1 – The Sun is Shining!

After a bleak start to autumn, with drizzle and wind and chilly weather, it was a pleasant surprise to wake up this morning to summer making a brief comeback! It’s warm and sunny, with barely any clouds in the sky – perfect to get out and about! We took SB […]

Toothbrush Success!

In my last post I talked about the difficulties we’ve been having with getting SB to accept having her teeth brushed. We’ve been brushing them since the first little nib popped out, and by and large she accepted it pretty well – and then, a couple of weeks ago, started […]

Welcome back to Teething Hell, can I take your complacency?

I think last time we were experiencing teething, I referred to it as purgatory¬†(compared to the early days of colic and constipation). Well, it’s back, and I think we’ve been plunged into full-on teething hell. Yesterday we got a call from the nursery, just warning us that she was running […]