A Cephalophobic’s Views On Octonauts

Having exhausted pretty much all of Charlie and Lola on the BBC iPlayer, and with Furchester Hotel over, I am left with no choice but to subject my child to Octonauts. I know everyone raves about this programme, but… seriously? The name itself brings me out in a cold sweat. […]

To My Daughter

To my daughter, as the last day of your first year rolls into the first day of your second. The moment you entered the world, you changed it beyond belief. Never, in my wildest of dreams, could I have predicted, as they placed you on my chest – a brand […]

My Jacket Potato Body…

Apologies for the odd title, but it’s the only way I can think of describing it. You know when you slice a baked potato so it’s got the little cross on it? I’m pretty sure that’s what my body looks like at the moment. The bump has kind of created […]