To My Daughter, On The Eve Of Your Third Birthday

Dear SB, These letters are becoming something of an annual tradition, and one that I’m happy to keep going for as long as I can. On the eve of your first birthday, I wrote a letter of advice for the future. On your second, I wrote a letter reflecting on […]

The Advice I’d Give Myself…

As SB’s third birthday approaches, it brings with it another milestone. It’s almost three years since our lives turned upside down, and we went from being average university students – albeit one of us resembling¬†a manatee with a giant bump – to first-time parents, basically making it up as we […]

Potty Training: It Begins

This series of posts is in collaboration with Potty Training Academy.¬† I nearly called this post “Potty Training The Untrainable Toddler”. I was starting to think that was the case with SB. I’ve read a lot about the importance of waiting until your child shows all the signs of being […]

“F***in’ Knife” and Other Verbal Disasters

It’s great when toddlers start to talk, isn’t it? It’s been a while since I did an update on SB’s development. My monthly updates used to include a section on her language development – from babbling to her first, shaky attempts at putting two barely-understandable words together. I feel like […]

Playing the Waiting Game…

I’m not a patient person. I don’t particularly like it when people tell me, 10 weeks in advance, “Ooh I’ve bought your birthday present, you’ll LOVE it!”. I don’t like buying Christmas presents weeks and weeks before the big day, because I get too impatient and want to give it […]