“The Speed Bump” Extract #2 – Top Ten Tips for Birth Partners

Okay, right know she does regret sleeping with you, and she doesn’t ever want to have sex with you again, and she probably does hate your stupid face right now.

It’s Tomorrow…

Tomorrow, our episode of “Baby Faced Mums” is on the channel 5*, between 8-9pm. I’m really nervous. I’ll be avoiding Twitter like the plague from about 7:30pm onwards, as the Twitter reaction to last week’s show has been nothing short of disgusting, with people making snap judgements and disgusting comments […]

The Speed Bump takes to YouTube!

You can now follow The Speed Bump on YouTube!  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBDeMSZTD6d9JygQUPbVTcw To give you an idea of what we’ll be posting, here’s our very first upload – a video celebrating sixteen weeks of SB (and yes, a cheeky flash of her name at the beginning).  Subscribe to our channel to follow […]

Pregnant By Accident, Having a Baby By Choice

Today, courtesy of my amazing mom, I read an article by an American woman called Bee Lavender – you can read it here, at the Guardian website – Young, Gifted and Pregnant. The article resonates with me in many ways. Like Bee, I was the typical “not supposed to get […]