Young Parent Resources

Becoming a parent at a young age isn’t easy.

When you find out you’re pregnant unexpectedly, a range of emotions run through your head. You may be scared, excited, sad, worried, anxious, nervous, lonely, happy, or any combination of those.

One of the most important things to remember is that you’re never alone.

This series of posts has been created with young parents, the parents of young parents and people who work with young parents in mind. Combining honest accounts of my own experience of becoming a parent at 19, with essay-style discussions of how we can facilitate better breastfeeding support, education and more for young parents, and useful resources for anyone who wants an insight into life as a young parent, these resources are designed to reduce stigma and increase awareness of the needs of young parents, so that everyone can work together to achieve positive outcomes for all.


Essay-Style Discussions

For a more academically-written look at factors affecting young parents, and how these can be overcome – including facts, figures and statistics – the following posts cover a variety of issues.

What Do Young Parents Need?

Give Boobs A Chance: Encouraging Breastfeeding In Young Parents

We Aren’t What You See On TV: Media Representation Of Young Parents

Supporting Young Parents In Higher Education


Personal Experiences

A range of experiences from myself and guest posters, about experiencing pregnancy at a young age and the associated challenges.

Pregnant By Accident, Having A Baby By Choice 

Forever A Statistic


Resources For

Whether you’re looking for support, advice or young parent blogs to follow, you’ll find useful links and resources here.

Young Parent Bloggers You Need To Follow 

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