Well, she’s definitely a toddler now…

No-one warned me that the terrible twos could start early. That, or SB is overachieving. Either way, we are in full-blown toddler territory now – although it feels more like we’ve got a teenager in the house. She’s learning new words and phrases at a rate of knots, and boy do we know about it. Her favourite new words are ‘no’ (accompanied with a shake of the head) and ‘stop it’ (accompanied by pointing her finger at whatever/whoever she wants to stop).

She’s also mastered the death glare. There’s a pattern she follows every time, without fail. She will be doing something naughty – usually trying to reach something she’s not allowed, or climbing all over us, or licking the windows (the less said about that the better, but there is a picture over on my Twitter!). If we tell her to stop, first we get the innocent look, which is something like this.


She’ll persist in whatever she was doing, so when you tell her a second time, she’ll try and turn on that winning grin and get out of it.


If that doesn’t work, she’ll just try ignoring you – as seen in this example below, when D was trying to get SB to stop messing with the cupboards.


He said ‘Stop it’ again, and she looked up at him, without a moment’s hesitation, pointed back at him and said ‘Stop it’. So. Much. Sass.


And finally, when all that didn’t work? DEATH GLARE.


We are in for some trouble, aren’t we?

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