It’s Tomorrow…

Tomorrow, our episode of “Baby Faced Mums” is on the channel 5*, between 8-9pm. I’m really nervous. I’ll be avoiding Twitter like the plague from about 7:30pm onwards, as the Twitter reaction to last week’s show has been nothing short of disgusting, with people making snap judgements and disgusting comments […]

What I’d Tell Myself..

If I could write a letter that would be read by myself a year ago, I think this is the advice I’d give. 1) You’re going to face some really tough times. You thought pregnancy was difficult? Think again. That was nothing compared to what you’re going to experience now. During […]

Baby’s New Trick…

So today, SB surprised us by sitting in her cot and, clearly unhappy with her predicament, doing…well, this.  Yeah. I… uh… couldn’t be prouder?