Let’s Hear It For The Boy…

A year ago, I posted my graduation post. Today, we’re off to another graduation ceremony – this time, it’s Daf’s! I don’t feel like I give Daf enough credit in this blog. In fact, I don’t think he gets enough credit in general. Everyone tells me how well I did […]

Cool Things About Home: #Blogtober16 4 Comments

This one has been a struggle. It’s not that where I live isn’t great… more that I can’t think of specific things that make it cool. I live in Wrexham in North East Wales, and while it’s a good place to live, I can’t think of anything particularly interesting about […]

Officially A Graduate!

Well, here we are then. The dust has settled, the caps have been thrown and I am a graduate! Graduation on Friday was amazing; the loveliest and proudest day since SB was born. She was a little star throughout – she and Daf sat and watched the graduation being live-streamed, […]

Today Is The Day 16 Comments

Two years ago, I told my parents that this pregnancy wasn’t a stop sign, it was a speed bump in the road.

Sundays with SB #1 – The Sun is Shining!

After a bleak start to autumn, with drizzle and wind and chilly weather, it was a pleasant surprise to wake up this morning to summer making a brief comeback! It’s warm and sunny, with barely any clouds in the sky – perfect to get out and about! We took SB […]