Potty Training: Hitting A Standstill

This series of posts is in collaboration with Potty Training Academy. I knew potty training would be tough. We’ve hit a standstill. The majority of that is my fault. SB is still resisting the potty for all she’s worth, but we’re rushed off our feet at the moment. We’re moving […]

Potty Training: It Begins

This series of posts is in collaboration with Potty Training Academy.  I nearly called this post “Potty Training The Untrainable Toddler”. I was starting to think that was the case with SB. I’ve read a lot about the importance of waiting until your child shows all the signs of being […]

My Online Friends Make Me A Better Mum

I have online friends. Normally when I say that, it elicits one of two responses. People either do that weird sucking-air-through-their-teeth reaction (‘Online friends? But they could be an axe murderer/sexual predator/loner living in his mum’s basement!’), or they snort and smirk and write you off as a weirdo who […]

Advice For Students | Personal Statements

This is the first in a series of posts I’ll be doing on advice for students – not just student parents, but anyone studying at university or hoping to do so. I should add that I’m not claiming to know everything, or to have all the answers – but these […]

The Daddy Diaries #5 – Support

Did you feel that, as a father, there was as much support available to you as there was available to Maddy?  Honestly, no. It’s awful, but a lot of people don’t expect the dad to hang around when it’s a young mum, and people who didn’t know us were often […]