Supporting Parents In Higher Education

This is part of my series on what we can do to support young parents in the UK to realise their full potential and put an end to stigma. For the rest of the series, click here.  A common misconception about young parents is that they lack ambition. One of […]

Taking A Toddler To Graduation 6 Comments

Daf graduated yesterday! It was a really lovely day. His parents came to watch the ceremony, we took lots of pictures and celebrated and went out for a meal afterwards, and it was lovely to celebrate Daf’s achievements. However, like many aspects of life with a toddler, it didn’t quite go to […]

Student Mum, Part Two

So as I said in my last post, in September this year I’ll be returning to life as a student mum. I’ve been offered a place at Chester University, to do a Masters in Drama, and it’s been a decision I’ve  uhm-ed and ah-ed over for quite a long time. […]

Advice For Students | Personal Statements

This is the first in a series of posts I’ll be doing on advice for students – not just student parents, but anyone studying at university or hoping to do so. I should add that I’m not claiming to know everything, or to have all the answers – but these […]

Student Parent Budgeting

Back in t’day when I had a blog about student life that no-one ever read, my most successful post ever was also one of my last, and it focused on budgeting. (My blog didn’t end because of the post about budgeting; it ended because I got knocked up and started this blog […]