Learning To Love What I Have: To TTC #2 Or Not?

It seems a lot easier to fall pregnant when you’re not actually trying to – this new world of charting and working out when the best days are and the two week wait was totally alien to me.

Top Tips For Student Parents!

So, as a new university year begins, there are parents up and down the country preparing to take on the task of balancing study with parenting responsibilities. Some are parents to teens and older children, others have newborns and toddlers. Some aren’t even parents yet, but are trying to juggle […]

Could I do it all over again?

It was inevitable, really, that now SB is growing up and becoming much more toddler-y, leaving her days of babyhood behind, that thoughts would start to drift towards snuggly newborn cuddles, and sniffing a tiny baby head once more (don’t judge me, it’s an addiction).

Stop the world, I want to get off!

This was my TimeHop this morning; showing just how quickly this last year has gone. It’s nine days until SB’s first birthday, and I’m finding it absolutely dizzying just how quickly it’s all gone. Thinking about where I was last year, compared to where I am now, is just mad. […]

The Speed Bump cruises into 2015…

One thing I vowed when I started this blog was to be totally honest. That meant talking about the tough times, no holds barred – but it also means proving that being a young parent doesn’t have to “ruin your life”.