GUEST POST: Student Parent Stories with Eps And Amy

Welcome to Student Parent Stories, part of The Student Parent Survival Guide! Here I’ll be featuring stories, anecdotes and experiences from parents at all stages of education – whether they’re studying currently, have already finished or are considering it! Today’s guest blog comes from Amy, who blogs at Eps And Amy, and was […]

Letter To A New Young Mum

I want you to know that it’s okay to be afraid. It’s okay to feel apprehensive; to get that little chill of fear down your spine when you realise that this tiny human being now relies on you to meet all of its needs, and they are helpless without you.

The most short-lived stay-at-home-motherhood ever?

So just as I was settling into my new lifestyle of endless Disney marathons and constant cups of pretend tea, life has been turned upside down once more. I toyed with whether to post this or not. I don’t usually shy away from posting anything, but this related to our […]

A New Adventure Begins…

I am now, officially, a stay at home mum. Today was the last day of my notice period at work, and while I’m sad to be leaving – and gutted to not have been able to work any of my notice period – I’ve started to look ahead to what […]

Radio Silence

Sorry for the sudden break in posts, the last week has been a nightmare. Safe to say, September hasn’t gotten off to the best start for us – we’ve found out that, due to an issue with student finance, we can’t afford SB’s childcare for the year, meaning that I […]